KOOL-CLEANING® is the result of a wonderful new idea created in 1987, born from the international cooperation of several experts and societies situated in Belgium, England and Holland.
The KOOL-CLEANING® procedure is the exclusive property of LAB-INVEST and in Holland by KOOL-CLEANING® bv. The sister societies like MISTER KOOLS and LAB-INVEST FIELD have spent years working on the basic methodology and have protected it.

Mr Kool is responsible for all commercial work regarding KOOL-CLEANING®, the implantation of Master Franchisees and the research of new products. In the past he has directed international sales companies. Mr Pichon, responsible for training and technics, has been active in the company for many years and helps and advises new franchisees.
Master-Franchisees like Johan Dedecker from Belgium, has been operational for several years and helps new candidates in all areas.

KOOL-CLEANING® has developed a wonderful new range of products and new carpet cleaning procedure without the use of shampoo, dry powders or foam and it is non-toxic for the environment.

The laboratories and production factory are situated in Belgium and France.

The KOOL-CLEANING® group and it’s sister companies are already implanted in several countries: Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Holland, England, Germany, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Spain, Turkey…and several other countries are preparing to work with the KOOL-CLEANING procedure. There are dozens of franchisees and licencies already operating in different territories.

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